My name is Chris and this is my website :) I'm 20 years old and transgender! (Nonbinary He/Them) korse/korsse is a username I got from a character from a short film/fairy tale I enjoyed as a kid, I'm norwegian and enjoy movies and drawing. I mostly use mspaint and clipstudio, I also dabble in azpainter or flash sometimes. I have a lot of free time as I'm not currently in school or work due to disability and mental health so i play video games a lot. Some of my some of my favourite games are: splatoon, dr mario, the sims 4, don't starve together, project diva mega mix, undertale, yume nikki, minecraft, roblox, ib, stardew valley, hylics 2 and umihara kawase. Sometimes I sew a little by hand as a hobby. I am a comic enjoyer when I can find the motivation (usually manga), the most recent being dorohedoro btw kaiman and I are married.