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I am known as Chris, 21 y/o (as of typing this | EDIT: I AM NOW 22 AS OF TYPING THIS), My pronouns are he/him;
I speak norwegian and english, and I have sickness of the mind and disability of neurodevelopment.

My biggest passion in life is art and I'd always love to talk about it... if you dare... I have OPINIONS. But core to my attitudes about art are: having fun, ugly art is good actually and art is one of the main corner stones of the human experience. I like to view art as an "activity" rather than a means to an end. It's a way to spend time and can be a useful tool for introspection!


This site was made in late 2018, I knew almost 0 html, (the closest thing I was slightly familiar with being bbcode)
but I started with the neocities tutorial, found a layout template, and once the site was up and running I figured it out as I went along! The more I learned the less I rellied on the template and eventualy I replaced it completely with my own markup.
I'm still very much an amateur but I enjoy and suffer through experimenting with new things and learn through trial and error. I work on it very on and off due to adhd and burnout and other factors as well... ^^'

Thunder (the pink creature plastered all over the place) is one of my oldest ocs, she is not my fursona just to be clear.
(The creature on the right is my fursona.) Thunder is very thethered to my artistic identity (and childhood) though.
She has served as a sort of "online mascot" / persona for me since as far back as 2010, so it would be a shame to break tradition now yeah? She is like the site's guardian angel.


BTW this is outdated by now I shaved my
head in like july (2023), it's been growing back brown