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art from 2022


art from 2021.


art from 2020.


art from 2019.


art from 2018.


Please use common sense, know your limits and don't look if you do not want to see the things contained here.
Now... for the big boys left in the audience... SFW sasuke will guide you right down.

(elevator ding)

Sex and Nudity

May contain things such as: Sexual/erotic themes, "Pin-uppy" art, Sexualized and/or objectifying depictions of nudity, Graphic nudity, Casual nudity out of socially acceptable
context*; that I do not think to be sufficiently abstract/stylized/cartoony; or to be lacking enough artistic merit to be considered sfw
, (Gratuitous) Suggestive or sensual motifs,
and straight up completely appropriate romantic stuff that I just think is too mushy to put anywhere else lol.**

* (Examples for what I consider socially acceptable contexts would include (not sexually charged) drawings of a character or person bathing, changing clothes, in a medical or surgical setting,
artistic context (Like... a drawing of a character drawing another character for study.) or illustrations for educational purpose. In short any setting it would be appropriate or expected to encounter
nudity in real life. Drawings with clear non-sexual/erotic reason to feature nudity.)

** (Maybe other art I'm just plain embarrassed of for whatever reason too. Shit that's best to just sweep under the carpet and put it in the sex dungeon and shove it into the cringe corner. )

[Fall or Winter 2021]

 [January 2022] Redraw of an older drawing. Let's just pretend the bad anatomy is a feature ha ha ;)

[Early 2022] My oc Lena. Faber castells pitt pens if I remember right?

[Summer 2021] Please pretend you never saw this, if I delete it and someone asks about it and you have it downloaded? Pretend you don't. Let it slip into obscurity. I aspire for this to be future lost media forever.

[September 2020] Probably wouldnt even have put it here just for the nipslip but I needed to fill space lol.
[May 2022] Ref for Ljå's on and off girlfriend.

[Spring 2022] My oc Human woman. Abandoned peice.

Jester without make-up or costume. watercolors and the Caran d'ache neocolor 2 crayons.

[Late 2021] I am so deadly serious about that no reuploading thing btw. My cumbrained art is not to leave this page ever. I hope you are so ever so painfully aware of that. Don't fucking spread anything from here or it will fester like a fucking desease. I will inject your very mind with computer virus so that no matter what computer you use its fucking pure torture to use if you make that happen.

When I drew this I thought it was so fucking funny :(
[April 2022] Ok what's this gay shit then? For real though I felt like I was on the werge of death when I drew this. Autism headache after overstimulating exhausting day, starving, dozed off several times while drawing. I still stayed up til like 5 am working on it though. protip: don't do that. Gay art is not worth it.

[2020] Sweet Ann I drew for a friend, mostly because i just wanted to draw pretty lady lol. Watercolor and ink.

[March 2022] My oc Borg. He is a trans man btw.

[January 2022] Mspaint doodles.

[Late 2021] Revenge on one of my friends for drawing spamton in a matching get-up when she and one other were temporarily deluded into thinking I was. strange. about him. I'm not, I just think he's a funny little guy but my friend is genuinely like that about rouxls so I had to be evil. I mean what would you have done? It's fun to be evil. Second and probably last time I've drawn rouxls, hes ok but far from my favourite so its unlikely I'll draw him again, not impossible tho.
[Febuary 2022] Just hanging out. Lines are traditional and colors are digital.

[January 2022] Kaiman............

[Febuary 2022] My oc Ljå, experiment with dithering brushes on clip studio.

[May 2022] I was considering posting this uncensored but the censor is too fucking funney lmao. Sorry if you wanted to see flaccid pingas :/

[Late 2021] Cover art for a joke spotify playlist, I would link it but i can't be fucked. Just search spamton sex on spotify or smth and maybe you'll find it idk. Trust me it's not worth looking tbh. The cover is the funniest part.

Gore and Violence

May contain things such as: Gore / Humorless, grim, grotesque violence/ Disconcerting or over the top body horror/ Potentially upsetting vent art / Drawings with excessive
blood* ; visceral, graphic blood* in a violent, gruesome or sensitive context ; blood* relating to or implying serious, fatal injury ; and other depictions of blood*
that I wouldn't show anyone under at least 13, / As well as other misc. Works that I think could be frightening or upsetting despite lacking anything mentioned above.**

* (I draw a lot of blood so not all of it will end up here but if I feel like - the "reason" for its presence; if it has implications that warrant it, or if it's blood I drew with intent to provoke, blood in situations
or amounts you wouldn't encounter in every-day life - I might choose to put it here as a courtesy to those who may not be as comfortable with blood as I am. No guarantees though, I don't put blood here
on its own merits as a rule. I try to be considerate over how it's depicted when choosing where to display it though. )

** (horror art I dont feel comfortable putting elsewhere or that I just plain think belongs here. Alternatively just any art that I think children shouldn't see because of either how it's depicted, what it depicts or both,
with emphasis on how it's depicted more so. I think it's ok for children to see bones for example but maybe not graphically poking out of a living persons skin yakno? At the same time I obviously think kids
shouldn't be exposed to alcohol, weapons or gambling but I care a little less (NOT THAT I STOP CARING ALTOGETHER) if they are exposed to drawings of these things. )


Pomander. Painted mostly in mspaint. He is a dental phantom, get it?

Concept for some guy with teeth that slot together.

[Fall 2018] Scourge from warrior cats.
Redraw of old middle school anime girl art

Pomander refsheet.

Super old maybe vent art? I drew on an oekaki

[late 2018] That one fucking clown. You know the one.
[May 2022] Crayon doodle while watching youtube.

Abandoned/wip/concept for a painting I am not yet skilled enough to execute the way I would want to.

Super old drawing of my oc Borg from a drawpile.

[January 2019] Miku and Rin, I have no idea what's going on here tbh.
Chaos true form

Same case as the previous drawing...

Dudes rock.................

[August 2019] tigerstars death

If you repost/reupload any of my art on any site I will come kill you in real life, and that's extra true for this page in particular.

Traditional art



Stuff from my doodle folders.

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