OK SO its been a while... and i havent done a lot of the work i should have,nor have i even updated my art on here... next time i update this site majorly will probably be a huge overhaul of code and assets and layout and such, i wanna keep the feel of the site simmilar but i'll have fun with it!
now, why did i even stop in the first place? and i cant exactly place that, a lot has happened as you know, and in norway being stuck inside with no way to see my friends with a family i was never really close with isnt all that fun... been playing a lot of jet set radio and animal crossing, calling with my american friends, drawpiling just drawing in general tbh... im trying to get through the current situation with my issues so it doesnt leave a lot of room for productivity! as soon as the whole pandemic calms down i have a lot of therapy to catch up on ( new therapist and everything ) and in may im gonna do some tests for adhd so i hope that i can start actively working on the site this summer!!
oh! btw! im also turning 19 may 6th... its gonna be wild to think im 19 already. honestly its more worry than fun the older i get, the more pressured i am to move out but im plain just not ready jet no matter how much i want to. its also gonna suck not being able to even see my friend for my birthday, the only thing i have lined up for me is a dinner request but theres no guarantee i'll get that either. oh woe and all that, im gonna have to take it like an "adult" i guess. at least i'll ask if my mom can take me to the grocery store and then i'll buy some nice big boxes of icecream to find comfort in when the quarantine gets too bad to bear. and! whenever the pandemic is over one of the first things im gonna do is go to my fave art supply store and get some nice mix media hard cover sketchbooks and a good reasonable pair of overalls. seems like most normal clothes stores only sell womens overalls so its been a struggle to find but my dad might know a place... anyways! i'm doing ok! genders been worse, been lonely and bored but at least im safe and thankfully not sick! oh my grandfather also died earlier this year so that was a whole thing, ive never been scared of death and i handeled it very well but its weird to think about... i could go into it but i'd rather not, it was worse seeing how it affected the people in my life rather than how it affected me directly. but yeahhhhh thats whats been going on with me lately in case you were wondering, if you see any stupid activity on this accout just ignore it please i beg. uh bye!! till next time!