my twitter!!: korse_

Not 18+ but has occasional artistic nudity, gore and milder mature themes. so like... 16+??

my deviantart!: korsse

Not active but up as an archive, nsfw content (gore and violence) hidden behind built in filters.

my youtube!!!!: KORSSE

I Upload speedpaints here from time to time, sometimes other stuff too.

my Artfight: siphonophore

I try to play every year but often end up having little time... I try my best tho!

my Instagram: korsse_

I have a iphone 4 and this is the only social media I have that still works on it (some of the time...) HELP...

If you wanna chat or something feel free to dm me on twitter or ask for my discord. fuck timezones I have serious sleep disturbances lol.