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i was born on a cold winter night. the 6th of may. in the holy apocalyptic year 2001. the forbidden year, the year noone wished exisited. and how forgotten that year now is. i can still remember the sound of crabs claws ratteling its cages. i was born in a basement. it was covered wall to wall with posters of evangelions rei ayanami. i have no parents and i have no lungs. i am however, looking for livers so if you know anyone whos willing to trabe me one; you can shot me an email at epicfartz@roblox.org.

seriously tho. im chris/korse my relationship to gender is uhhhhhhhhhhhh borger. so like im fine with any pronouns but if ur unsure they/them is kinda a safe bet or like. yah call me whatever but if ur unsure they would b a good default or whatever. since im nb i guess??? dont like identify with that term super duper but it is. correct. im just.... chris u kno? im from norway and i speak english and the norway lanuage. and i like 2 draw ive been posting my art online since 2010 beibey my fursona thunder is like. insipired by what was cool in the oc scene on da in like 2010 you know, when i made her. bc i was a stupid 8 year old who wantedf to have a kool oc. and not to toot my own horn but i think i sucseeded pretty epicly in that the one issue however is that i have not changed like anything about her design since i was 13 and therefore shes not super representative of me (but she never realy was) most ovbious in that i am not a girl. or u know. have dragon wings irl. sadly i wish i did. i guess u could call me a furry but im not realy involved with the fandom/ furry comunity other than. i have antropomrpic ocs and i like the funny designs of many furries. theyre just a blast to draw tbh. and ive had like furry (some in denial) friends for many many years and most my firends do like at least have a fursona so ofc. i do too.... WORK IN PROGRESS HEAVILY GONNA LIKE REWRITE WHOLE THING BUT I JUST HAVE TO PLAY STARDEW VALLEY RN LIKE A FRIEND GIFTED IT 2 ME RIGHT WHEN I WAS WRITING THIS SORRY I DID GET THE FURRY MOD BC IM GARBAG




welcome in lol

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